Standard Dose

Setting the standard for plant-based wellness

Created around our many need states, and interpreted through the power of plants, Standard Dose is a rapidly expanding wellness destination that curates and vets the industry's most coveted formulations. From conceptulization to launch, I designed + developed a Shopify platform for the brand to manifest its mission, shot its campaign and social assets, and curated its social feeds. 

Design / Development / Photography / Social Curation

Shop by Concern

With such large assortments, an issue multi-brand beauty & wellness retailers face is an influx of competing labels. This ultimately creates a reliance on consumer knowledge and brand recognition, and a polarization based on past experience. To help break this chain, I implemented an e-com navigation that focuses on need states to create smaller, more navigatable subsets of products. This not only helps level the playing field for carried brands, but acts as a north star for new customers looking to get acquainted with plant-based wellness.

Enhance Your Ritual 

A common issue with related products is that there isn't any context that gives reason to click beyond the SKU being viewed. To fill this gap, I created a full-screen module on product pages that incorporates high-resolution brand imagery alongside other products that will complement a respective need state. To take it a step further, each related product features an editorial excerpt that gives reason to be clicked, rather than only pushing basic info like price and product title. Upon hover, these items can be added to cart without leaving the module.


Still Life + Editorial Photography

From campaign imagery to editorial work, I've shot for Standard Dose since launch. These images have supported the brand's marketing and press campaigns, paid media efforts, and social media strategy.

Social Media Curation

Since a majority of Standard Dose's traffic is from new customers, Instagram is a core touchpoint that ultimately determines whether or not customers will consider placing an order. Likewise, strong imagery is a core pillar for the brand, so their page needed to be visually enticing.

I developed an social strategy that fuses nature and warmth to help convey the brand's plant-based assortment through imagery. This mix of people, product, and bohemian-inspired lifestyle content is aspirational yet grounded, and has amassed a quickly growing following since day one.


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