New York based creative with a love for photography, design, and technology 

Hey there! I’m Joey and currently I’m a Creative Content Manager (Senior Creative) at Act Second, a strategic design studio and digital consultancy based in Flatiron. Previously I was Editor at Bloglovin’.

My background is in fashion, photography, editorial, and tech. I hold a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing communications, with a minor in Psychology, from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

I’m constantly being inspired by the world around me; always seeking innovative ways to interpret my surroundings into what I create. In an industry where ideas tend to be recycled and become repetitive, my goal is to create ripples with work that reflects my own taste and makes a lasting impact.

In my free time, you can find me roaming the streets of the city with my camera by my side, and/or coffee shop hopping between boroughs. 


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